Compound Fitness

Compound Fitness was founded with one goal in mind: to provide the most professional, complete, effective and enjoyable heath & fitness experience available in Ireland & the UK. It is difficult to write a self descriptive piece like this without letting our passion bubble over too much but lets leave the over descriptive self promotion to the side for a moment.

We, the team of Compound Fitness, to put it simply, are devoted to promoting better health, fitter bodies & a happier lifestyle to everybody that is looking for that something special in their fitness, fat-loss, health & wellbeing journey.

Our experienced team has made it a point to remain at the forefront of education and research for both Nutrition & Exercise. We are firmly established as industry leaders that practice what we preach and walk the way we encourage clients to, day after day & success after success.

Compound Fitness is the home of Personal Trainers, Sports Scientists, Nutritionists, Injury Rehabilitators & Massage Therapists. Our complete, holistic approach is trusted and used by professionals ranging from Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Professional & Amateur Athletes, Managers and Business Owners. The gym is also regularly used by students, home keepers and people from all walks of life looking to improve themselves and challenge what they and others believe they are capable of achieving.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life and actually achieve your goals rather than simply thinking & talking about them, simply contact us to avail of your free consultation and take the first step to the success that our methods guarantee you.


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Our Team

Oisín McCabe

Co-Owner and Director of Education

Oisín began his fitness journey at 6 years old by training and competing in martial arts. Oisin’s own journey and physical transformation was what inspired him to research exercise and nutrition protocols that would prove to be the foundation upon which he has built the ‘Compound Training Systems’ method that has yielded such incredible results to clients for the past decade.

Oisin background includes:

  • Hons in Sports Science & Health from Dublin City University
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist : International Olympic Committee
  • Certified in Health & Physiology with Carlow IT
  • Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach (IAWA lvl 1)

With this academic background, Oisin has strived to perfect Compound Fitness’ methods and produce the MAXIMUM results in the desired time.

To book a FREE consultation with Oisin email

Kevin McDermott

Co-Owner and Director of Therapy

Kevin has being involved with sports and exercise from a young age, playing a variety of sports such as Soccer, Cricket, Athletics and Golf. This led him to have an interest in how the body works in terms of training, development and nutrition. For almost ten years his goal as a Personal Trainer has been to motivate, inspire, and improve the health, fitness and well being of the clients.

Kevin’s background includes:

  • Leisure Management (Dublin Institute of Technology)
  • PICP Level 1 & 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • N.C. Exercise and Fitness (Colaiste Ide)
  • Diploma in Sports Massage and Rehabilitation (National Training centre)
  • Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy (ITEC)
  • Kettlebell and Suspension training qualification

Personal Training is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. By using Compound Fitness’ methods and dedication, Kevin has helped his clients achieve their desired results

To book a FREE consultation with Kevin email

What Our Clients Say

A fantastic gym offering more than just an excellent workout by providing regular nutritional seminars that simplify the important take home messages required for anyone to optimise their fitness program.

—Alan Armstrong

My goal when starting strength/volume training was to get bigger, because I was too thin. I met Kevin, a hugely enthusiastic person who asked me about my goals and checked my current physical condition before jumping into the actual training. I am very happy with the result. I feel better and I have gained weight. Hitting the gym is also a big part of my week.

—Vincent Papoz

Really feel I learned a lot training with Kevin. I’ve seen fast gains and excellent results thanks to him. He inspired me to push myself and found him amazing at what he does. He made pain fun in a way. I’ve lost 7kg of fat and strength gains that are hard to believe.

—Alan Flannery

Great training area, great equipment and even better trainers, with years of industry experience and knowledge of how the human body works.

—David Moore

Since training with Kevin I have noticed major changes in my body shape and toning. Kevin has thought me so much about the right exercises and diet to help me get my body. He is always on hand to help out and gives me the drive to persist in keeping up regular training and the results are amazing. My time with Kevin has been so beneficial. My whole body shape has changed which I have never had before. I would highly recommend Kevin, and I personally will keep training with Kevin.

—Amy McDonnell

Having known Oisin a long time, I know how committed he is to changing his clients lives by helping them reach their goals in the shortest time possible and then driving them on to achieve what they thought wasn’t possible. Highly recommend Compound Fitness.

—David McGettigan

I was 42 and had never done anything other than aerobic exercise in a gym before. I had been frustrated by recurrent overuse injuries over the last couple of years. Fortunately, I had the good fortune to have been referred to Kevin. Using the perfect combination of encouragement and discipline, he made the experience very enjoyable. There is no doubt that he allowed me to get to a level of fitness that I could never have achieved on my own. I’ve never felt better.

—Ivan Casserly

Great gym, run by two great guys who really take the time to genuinely help people to there goals.

—Wayne Rooney

Been training with Oisin for over a year now and can’t believe the results. Not only is he totally committed to you but his nutritional advice has been amazing. I can’t recommend Compound Fitness enough for those that are serious about getting the results you’ve always wanted.

—Colin Donnelly

I can’t recommend compound fitness enough. Oisin is a fantastic trainer, the facilities are excellent and the dedication of everyone there to helping you achieve your goals will show.

—Ian Holland

I very much enjoy training with Kevin. I am seeing great results through working with him. He is very professional and is great at motivating me to do better. He has designed great programs and pushed me towards getting my results. I have seen great strength gains as well as my body shaping up.

—Jason Roe

Oisin is awesome at what he does, from training with him years ago in college to following his progress, he has always shown dedication and commitment to getting the best out of the people he works with…

—Finbar McKenna


Compound Fitness is located in Unit 6, Port Tunnel Business Park, Clonshaugh Industrial Estate, Dublin 17, Ireland.